iPhone Poetry

I am a grave poetic hen

That lays poetic eggs

And to enhance my temperament

A little quiet begs.

Ezra Pound, Statement of Being

As it turns out, the speech-to-text software on an iPhone is also a poetic hen. Leave the microphone on in the background of a conversation or whilst the television is on, and it, like Ezra Pound, will lay poetic eggs.

Here’s a selection of the best.

On the Road

Just driving to mice… It all feels colder weather and everything.

 I put your face in the snow: conductive metal dust all in the snow.

 Probably doesn’t, probably is.


Télégramme d’une Femme

Sophie Coldplay: Yes, Kokomo in the city STOP Precious STOP I love grandma all STOP

The Spacefarer

This Battlestar Galactica listing in charge.

Radio office. 20? No, never completely happy.

 Listening, listening.

   So please, chicken


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